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tirsdag den 11. september 2012

Mitt Romney on A Game of Thrones

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Todays entry on The Leopard Boy-blog is rather special, as I have a unique opportunity for an interview with Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney. Therefore, this whole entry will be in English.

TLB: First, Mr Romney, thank you for joining me for this interview, it's quite an honor!

MR: Why, Leopard Boy, I'm flattered to be here - and I'm happy to get a chance to reach your Swedish audience!

TLB: Ah ... Danish, actually ...

MR: No, thank you, I'm good, just this coffee.

TLB: Well, yes. Good. Anyway, this interview is part of my series Your Favorite Book, and you told me you were going to talk about A Game of Thrones?!

MR: Well, actually the real name is A Song of Ice and Fire, A Game of Thrones is only the first book.

TLB: Yes. Yes, it is. But, forgive me, Mr Romney, I was rather surprised when I heard that was the book you wanted to talk about ... ?!

MR: Yes, I get that a lot, I guess the books have a kind of bad reputation. But, of course, I got mine from The Tabernacle Bookstore, so there is no reason to think there should be anything offensive about the book.

TLB: The Tabernacle Bookstore?

MR: Yes, in Utah. Of course, the Book of Mormon is good and beautiful, but you have to keep an open mind, read new ideas. And the Tabernacle Bookstore makes sure that is possible, if something is problematic it is put into a correct context.

TLB: Nice - so you read all kinds of fiction, not just the Book of Mormon?

MR: All kinds!

TLB: Still, I would think there are some troublesome parts for a man as devaout as yourself. For example, the relationship between Cersei and Jaimie Lannister ...?

MR: Well, I can see how you would find that problematic. But you must realize that King Robert is a tragic figure - always coming home drunk. It's no wonder she turns to her brother.

TLB: But she has always been with her brother ...?

MR: Yes, but that is a good mormon tradition, to do these things together as a family. And Cersei wants children - of course, she's a woman - and her husband has this problem, so of course she turns to prayer with her brother.

TLB: Prayer?

MR: Yes, the only way to reach God, and have a child in that situation.

TLB: So, that is what Cersei and Jaime do, they pray together? In this tabernacle book?

MR: Yes, of course. In God they trust. They are most devout!

TLB: And in Game of Thrones, in the old tower, they are also praying?

MR: To get closer to their Lord, yes.

TLB: And Bran stumbles upon them ... praying?

MR: Yes, this Bran-character. I don't really like him. He reminds me of a fellow in college - but I showed him his place! Anyway - yes, they are praying, and Bran is about to sneak through the window, when Jaime mid-prayer exclaims "What I do for love!" and Bran is startled and falls to the ground.

TLB: Tragic, don't you think?

MR: Well, what is really tragic is that the Starks - with their heathen gods - do not want to allow Jaime and Cersei to pray for Bran, so they have to do it at a distance, but still Bran is healed, even though he is a sinner - that really show you the power of God!

TLB: So - that relationship is ok, because they are praying?

MR: Yes, but there really are a lot of praying in that book, I like that a lot. Also, I think it's really great on it's view on fostercare in that regard!

TLB: Could you elaborate?

MR: Yes, many times children, especially the girls and sometimes young women, are asked to pray, but do not want to. But then they are made to pray. That is really the only way to deal with that, sometimes you have to put your foot down - eventually the children will see what is good for them.

TLB: But Arya manages to avoid this forced prayer ...?

MR: Yes, and what a tragic figure she is. A heathen, and half the time she dresses as a boy - now I'm only in book two, but I'm sure she will end up a mess, when she grows up. I often pray for her, alone - in my head, when I think about her before I fall asleep.

TLB: Still - I begin to see how you can condone the book, but I'm a bit surprised you'd want to talk about it particularly before the election?

MR: But, don't you see ... I think there are so many ideas Amercia could learn from this book. Like the Wall. I mean, of course we already have a tiny wall down south, towards Mexico, but Amercia needs a real wall in the North - where barbaric tribes roam!

TLB: You mean Canada?

MR: Yes, if that is what they call themselves these days. We must stop it. Put an end to it!!

TLB: Okay ... so do you see any parallels to the current election. Who would President Obama be, for example?

MR: I see him as Daenerys Targaryen. We are not really sure where she is born, somewhat immature, prays with horsemen, and she is mostly out of the country. That's Obama to me!

TLB: All right, and yourself?

MR: That's pretty clear I think - I'm Joffrey Baratheon! Born rich, born to rule. Harsh when necessary, but wisdom leads his way - he reminds me of myself in college! Maybe I should dye my hair blond, what do you think?

TLB ...

MR: Anyway, yes - Joffrey is me - I am Joffrey. I only hope the Amercian people can see it!

TLB: I'm sure they can! But a little suggestion, to help showing them?

MR: Yes?

TLB: You might start calling yourself Mitt Joffrey!?

MJ: That is brilliant, Leopard Boy, absolutely brilliant!

TLB: I'm happy you like it ... but I also think that concludes our interview ...

MJ: Thank, you very much, Leopard Boy. I will keep you in my prayers!

TLB: Actually, I'd rather not ...

MJ: Oh, yes, Leopard Boy. I insist. A Lannister always pays his debts!

TLB: I thought you were a Baratheon?

MJ: Don't twist my words. That makes me angry if you twist my words!

TLB: No, no, I won't! Anyway, have a nice trip home.

MJ: I'd really rather stay, to be honest. It seems Ann picked up a home-decorating book, about wall papers, from the Tabernacle Bookstore. 50 Shades of Grey, I believe it was called, I really don't want to get into that mess!

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